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Fastest way to start digital payments

Our Story

PortOne is building a new infrastructure of digital payments with a wide range of payment products.

Its B2B product - PortOne, provides a unified API that allows instant integrations with a wide range of local payment options. By reducing what normally takes weeks to less than 1 hour.

Our Vision

To empower online businesses to instantly integrate, manage and analyze payments to deliver the best customer experience.

PortOne Corporation is hailed as the most innovative and actively serves 2000+ clients in Korea to process 60 million transactions annually. Now we are bringing this expertise into Vietnam and SouthEast Asia.


Plug-n-play SaaS platform, that offers a unified API to connect to all global and local payment methods. It is compatible with all popular programming languages.

Using PortOne’s unified API, merchants are able to instantaneously connect and manage multiple payment gateways, eWallets and other local payment options for processing customer payments efficiently.