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Onboarding Guidelines

Merchant onboarding#

Production setup#

Fetch the PortOne Key and PortOne Secure SecretKey from API Settings > General section and initiate the integration process. Refer SDK Integration for further details.

Configure Payment channels

Sandbox setup and testing#

  • By default on login you will be logged in Sandbox Mode. Please consider testing you integration in sandbox mode before moving to the production environment.
  • Post Sandbox mode testing completion, you can move into Production mode by toggling the Live Mode button on top navigation bar and start the configuration.

Configure Payment Channels#

Add the payment channels (e.g. MomoPay) credentials in the merchant admin portal under Payments Integration section.

Configure Payment channels


In case of multiple offerings of same payment method, merchants can configure the payment method from the payment channel of his choice.

  • e.g. To integrate MOMOPay, merchant can choose the MOMOPAY_WALLET payment method by configuring MOMOPay or via EPay payment channels.
  • It will be merchants responsibility to configure appropriate Payment Channels and enable/disable required Payment Methods.