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Getting Started

Refer following guidelines for onboarding on PortOne and getting started with Integration:

Website or Mobile AppWhere do you accept payments?WebsiteYESNONOYESDo You Use Any Ecommerce Platform For Your Website?Ecommerce PlatformSelf Managed WebsiteWhich Ecommerce Platform Is Your Website Built On?Do You Want To Use An Out Of The Box & Customizable Checkout?Mobile AppWhich Mobile Platform Is Your App Built On ?Pre Built CheckoutElementsIntegrateCheckoutUsing Js SDKAccept Payments OnSocial Media AppsUsing PaymentLinksIntegrate OurPayment InitiationAPI DirectlyIntegrate OurPayment InitiationAPI Using JS SDKAccept Paymentsvia PortOneHosted PaymentPagesPortOne’s ChekoutUse Our Pre Built Highly CustomizableBuild Own CheckoutCheckout ServicePayment LinksView DocsView DocsView DocsView DocsView DocsView DocsView DocsView DocsComing Soon..Coming Soon..Coming Soon..Coming Soon..Coming Soon..Payment Initiation APIPayment Initiation APIZero CodeZero CodeBuild OwnCheckoutPortOne’s Checkout T In WebviewUse Our Pre Built Highly Customizable CheckoutUse Our Pre Built Highly Customizable CheckoutElements
  1. Onboarding Guidelines
  2. SDK Integration
  3. Webhooks
  4. Status Codes
  5. Redirect Params
  6. Signature Check
  7. Refund
  8. Payment Links
  9. Plugins
  10. Go-Live Checklist